Yesterday, Graham and I tackled the engine bay again, and managed to almost fully prep the engine for its removal. Starting with the A/C condenser, and its piping, then the fully exhaust system from the bottom of the manifold, then the alternator, A/C compressor, motor starter, and finally the ECU, we steadily removed just about everything that we don't need anymore. We took out almost 200lbs of equipment, and the engine has yet to come out. This is great weight savings for us, as we hadn't anticipated the weight of a number of these heavy components. In general, everything came out very easily. Only the thoroughly rusted bolts on the manifold caused any kind of problem, and they were dealt with fairly easily. For the engine to come out, we will have to remove the lower A-frame and some of the suspension components in order to drop it out the bottom of the engine bay. Judging by how easily everything has been coming apart so far, I don't anticipate that this will cause any problems. 

I managed to find a Porsche auto shop that is interested in buying all of the used parts that I salvage, which is great. I was dreading trying to sell each an every piece individually, even though I could potentially recover more cost that way. Hopefully this week, we'll get a chance to borrow a hoist, and take the engine over to the shop and get rid of this huge pile of parts that are accumulating. It's starting to look like a 944 boneyard, which is a little creepy.