A long time awaited, the engine has finally braced the engine bay where it will sit powering our 944. There is plenty of space for the batteries to sit in front of and a top the engine. We used a piece of 2x4 to hold the engine in place for now as we will begin to measure and accurately cut and drill the holes for the aluminum that will replace the wood.

We continue to plug along cleaning the interior using loud and obnoxious tools to grind away any remaining glue which, to our surprise was distracting to say the least for the shop owner. Most of the gritty work however, is complete and we are now really ready to focus on all the mechanical features so that we can move back to our garage as soon as we can.

The batteries are due to arrive March 5th and with the Brackets near completion and wires to be purchased soon, we should be well on our way to completing the car 1 month before schedule. This doesn't include any cosmetics of course :) We want to leave that to the end.

It's great to finally see the engine where it belongs. Please browse the pictures section to view the engine placement and other new updates.