Well, this weekend really began our adventures in building an EV. Up until now, our work has been completely destructive: removing parts and pieces that we would no longer require. On Saturday however, we installed our first new part - the vacuum pump! It may not sound like much, but it's really gratifying to finally be adding new parts into the Porsche. Of course, we're still working on sanding and painting the interior and engine bay, but having a functioning part just makes the difference. We found a nice spot for the pump right underneath the brake booster, which keeps the tubing lengths very short, and also won't interfere with any of our planned battery locations.

All in all we only worked for about 8 hours over the weekend, but we got a lot accomplished in that time. I'm thinking that the 200 hour estimate for a conversion may not be too far off the mark for us.

Next weekend we'll be taking some photos of the 944 in its new home, and adding some photos of the vacuum pump too.