So the 944 has now moved into its new home in my neighbour's garage. After a few hours of moving stuff out of the garage, donating some of it to the Salvation Army, and storing the rest of it more efficiently, there is now plently of room for the Porsche, and elbow room around it. Admittedly it's not perfect. The head-space is a little low, especially around the entrance. The door is a mere 5'-5" high maybe, and there are a few beams throughout the space at this height as well. Luckily we will be doing most of the work while sitting in the car, or hopefully on chairs in order to reduce the number of time we smack our heads. Still, the car is in, the door is closed, and we can work on the car whenever we want, whatever the weather.

Since there has been no interest in the 944's engine whatsoever, I think it is time to pull it out of the car, and put it on a shelf somewhere in the hopes that someone will still want it. I have been considering leaving the water-system in the car, but I have a feeling that integrating it into the new motor could be quite challenging. Plus it's pretty heavy, and would provide cooling far in excessive of what we'll need. Maybe we can sell that too.

I'm getting eager to start a detailed design of our system, and figure out how everything is going to work together. We need to find some way of cleaning the exposed interior body of the car too. Lots of glue and some rust too.