I tested the flywheel coupler again - this time with the taperlock bushing seated fully on the motor shaft, and the pull from the clutch slave cylinder pulled the coupler right off. We need some way of stopping any lateral translation of the hub whatsoever. My first thought was to add in a bolt to the end of the motor shaft which would clamp the coupler onto the shaft. This would work great, and a few other conversion I have seen are using this method. Unfortunately it won't work for us, because of the way that the hub is welded to the flywheel - there just isn't room for a bolt. To make this idea work, we'd have to start from scratch with a new flywheel, bushing, everything = $$$...

So I think we mave have some luck using a pin. We'll take the motor and coupler to our machinist, and hopefully he can drill a hole through the whole thing and put in a pin to hold everything in place. If that works - we'll be up and running in to time.

Plus tonight, I'll be bringing over all of the boards to Electrocraft to have all of the MOSFETs upgraded too. Graham will be coming to help out as well, so we should be able to get through the lot of them in no time.

I also started building the covers for the battery packs using clear acrylic plastic and aluminum edging. These covers will keep out water and foreign objects including stray wrenches and wandering fingers. We have come to appreciate just how powerful these batteries are.

At this rate, we might have enough time to spruce up the appearance of the 944 before EVFest too. It's still unlikely that we'll be able to drive it there, with all of the problems getting insurance. Still, being able to have a tour around the parking lot would be nice.