Our fully functional 944 is starting to feel a little exposed. With no hood, no hatch, and its sunroof up on a shelf, every interior part is now quite visible to the exterior. With so much light getting in, it's quite apparent how years of sun have taken its toll on the carpeting throughout the entire car. The multiple shades of brown, some almost as light as tan, are certainly not right for Singlar Motion's future flagship. It's time for the 944 to shed its humble aged interior.

I managed to pull the seats out without too much difficulty, exposing some nice dark shades of brown carpet. Definitely time to have them out. Starting around the back seat, and then the main floor of the car, the carpets detatched easily. Most of the underpadding is in shreds, or damp, or rusty. Nice. I even managed to recover $1.36 from various unlikely places. The 944 is starting to pay for itself already! Prett soon, there was a lot of nice sheet metal getting exposed. It'll have to be sanded and re-painted, which gives us a nice opportunity to give the new interior a new look of our choosing. Bright lime green? Electric blue? Maybe shiny silver with a roll cage to make it like a true track car. Or even a deep black. Who knows what personality we'll be imprinting into our 944. Most likely, as we get to know her better, it will become clear.

I had to take out the centre console to release some of the carpeting, and the 26 year old plastic was so brittle that most of it got cracked or destroyed somehow. Not to worry though, all of the instrument clusters can be refitted into a new console, or replaced with maybe a built-in computer screen. It's not our intention to re-make the entire dash, or try to turn the 944 into a spaceship. But a little bit of modernization can't hurt. Plus, we'll be frequently using a computer for diagnosis and monitoring, so why not build it right in?

I think tomorrow I'll finish taking out as much of the interior as I need to, and hopefully start cleaning it up. A good vaccuum, light sanding, and a wash will make it infinitely more enjoyable to work in the car.