Graham went out and bought us an engine hoist last night, so we can now progress with totally disembowelling the 944. With a bit more time I probably could have had the Porsche spit its engine out, but the hoist will let me save my persuasion techniques for something more important.

On a side note, I drove down from Toronto to Detroit last weekend and picked up a brand new Warp9 motor! With proper cooling, I feel that this motor will provide us with all the power that we need. It's a heavy beast, so it'll be nice to have that hoist to haul it around.

Dave from Fisher Automotive in Mississauga has agreed to help us fabricate an adapter plate, so once the engine is out, we'll also remove the clutch housing and send it along with the Warp9 motor over to him. While the adapter plate is getting ready, we should have enough time to clean out the remaining ICE parts from the car. This includes the fuel tank which requires the removal of the transaxle before it can be taken out, and the fuel lines, filter, etc., etc., etc.

We also purchased a sand-blasting adapter in order to strip all of the old glue and rust from the interior. We'll pick up some non-silica sand and some ever-important protective gear, and then let the sand fly!

With the engine removal imminent, I think it's about time that we capture some more photos and videos of the 944 overhaul. I'll be picking up some form of camcorder tonight. You might even see something on YouTube soon.