So apparently Net-Gain has started the production of their latest motor creation: the Warp11 High-Voltage. To be blunt - this is amazing. It's basically a Warp11 motor that has been reconfigured to allow for much higher voltages (up to 360V) and much (much!) higher rpms. It can even provide regenerative braking if set up properly! These are very, very sellable features. The fact that you can spin this motor up to 9000rpm is going to provide the largest benefit in my opinion. It will be even easier to use this motor in a direct-drive application, or for achieving much better performance while leaving in the original transmission. Plus, since motor amperage is a function of the difference between applied voltage and back emf, doubling the allowable applied voltage will actually allow much higher amperage to be supplied to the motor, which equals much higher torque. Now, these 2000A controllers may actually be useful after all. Getting a system voltage as high as 300+ volts could be a challenge, especially while trying to maintain a 1000A+ output. But, with the falling LiFePO4 prices, we could be looking at some pretty powerful new EVs on Toronto roads soon.

It looks like by the time we get our 944 on the road, it will be obsolete. I may have to plan to convert my Miata using the 944 parts, and then buy a whole new system for the 944. Budget permitting, of course.