So, the first of our EV parts have started arriving. On the weekend I picked up the package sent from EV Source, which had our fuses, disconnects, vacuum pump and a bunch of other goodies. Everything was exactly as ordered. I mistakenly only ordered one Anderson disconnect, which means I got half of a device really. Two halves are needed to make the disconnect work. And it's huge! I had no idea the disconnect would be so large. I'm going to have to rethink its location. The idea is that this disconnect can be pulled apart manually, even while under load, as an emergency cutoff in the case of an accident, fire, runaway motor or anything else. I'll probably mount one end of the connector solidly to the chassis, and attach a steel pull-wire to the other end and mount a handle inside the passenger compartment. Other designs have involved using a foot-pedel, but I think that a hand-pull should suffice. The 1500W heater is actually a lot smaller than I expected, which is a bonus. It'll be a lot easier to attach some ductwork and a fan this way.

We have also started exploring the idea of moving to another garage. The shed that we've been using is getting awefully cold. If anyone in Toronto or the GTA has a spare bay they want to lend us, please let me know!