So, work has been progressing steadily on the 944. The interior has almost been fully cleaned out, including the pesky sound deadening material which is turning up in places all over the car. A heat gun and chisel are making the removal of the insulation straightforward, but still time-consuming. Apparently there is almost 100lbs of this stuff in the car! Talk about overkill. Yesterday I removed the rest of the interior paneling and dyed it all black. With the black door panels, the car already has a lot more class.

The clean-up of all of the wiring is almost complete as well. Whatever is left is getting tidied up and tucked out of the way. I'll have to do some thorough testing of all of the features before I pack it all away too carefully. So far though, it looks like all of the lights are working properly. The gauges may need some tweaking to work properly. 

I think that I have also figured out a solution to hub/adapter problem. I purchased a keyed hub from Princess auto which fits the Warp9 motor perfectly. I also bought a pulley gear which is designed to be welded onto the hub. I will have to cut off the gear teeth, and then drill all of the holes to properly match the flywheel. For the adapter plate, I met with a local machinist who's going to see what he can put together for me that will work. It's not going to be as pretty a solution as a custom fabricated plate that I could buy online, but it should significantly less expensive. 

Hopefully Graham will snap a few more pictures of the progress this week. It's all starting to come together. It's really the interior work that's taking up more of our time so far unfortunately, but the end result will be worth it.