With the 944 in my driveway, parking has been a bit of an issue. The single car garage has been housing the 944, and half of my wife's car. My driveway then takes the rest of her car, and my Miata, with about a foot of it's bumber hanging over the curb. I've been lucky with avoiding tickets so far, but I can't count on that lasting forever. Plus, not being able to close the garage door overnight during the winter will let snow get in the porsche, which is completely unacceptable. I've been pondering possible solutions for a while, and just last night, the solution finally came. My neighbour has graciously offered the use of his detached single car garage. On the condition that I clean out all of their 20 years of stored 'items'.

With Graham and I hauling stuff, I think we can get the garage ready for use over the space of a weekend or two, no problem. And then we'll finally have a cozy place for the 944 to be worked on. The neighbour's garage is slightly larger than mine anyway, which will make life a lot easier. My neighbour has always wanted to turn the garage into a workshop anyway, and once we're done with it, it will definitely be a functioning workshop for all of his future projects. Or for my next EV conversion - we'll see!

I have a feeling that I may be paying for the use of his garage by keeping his fridge stocked with beer, but that's a small price to pay for the huge convenience it will provide!

Plus I won't have to shovel snow off of my wife's car this winter either. Yes, the miata will sadly have to endure the snowstorms, and hail and ice... But it has survived two winters already, without whining too loudly.

Time to break out the gloves and the garbage bags, and go crazy!